Nanodots - magnetic games, balls & gadgets

Nanodots' small, highly magnetized spheres are highly intriguing.
With nanadots, the most diverse forms can be magnetically constructed. Dice, pyramids, finger rings, balls, bracelets, grids are just a few examples. With Nanodots you promote your creativity, your analytical thinking as well as the hand - eye coordination. Be inspired by the creative nanodots designs and take a look at
Nanodots are available in different packaging units: 64 balls, 125 balls, 216 balls, 1260 balls, 2160 balls


Attention, minimum age 14+, swallowed magnets can cause major injuries in the intestine. Please educate older children about the risks If infants live in your household, please refrain from making a purchase or make sure the children can not come in contact with these magnets.

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